How You Can Help

Donate goods for kids

Progress Pikinini happily accepts the following items:

  • Books in English or French including storybooks, picture books, colouring books (unused), textbooks of any subject; for all ages and reading abilities.
  • Stationery e.g. writing materials, paper pads, notebooks, art supplies (coloured pencils, paint, etc.), rulers, erasers, etc.
  • School supplies e.g. backpacks, drink bottles, lunch boxes
  • Bedlinen, towels and blankets (including baby blankets)
  • Baby clothes
  • Clothes for boys and girls of all ages
  • Sport/playground equipment
  • Classroom furniture – Whiteboards, blackboards, book cases, shelves, desks and chairs
  • Toys and teddy bears

Donate money

If you don’t have goods to donate, donating money is another very useful way of helping those who need it. Money can allow us to do some of our best work for the children. Direct cash donations are used to help in the areas that need it the most. In 2015 we rebuilt and refurbished Tagabe Anglican Preschool and in 2016 we helped  the school on Pele Island purchase much needed blocks for their new school building. Donations of money allow us to provide a safe and comfortable school environment for the children.

How to donate

We offer a pick-up service in the Melbourne region if you wish to help by donating goods as listed above. Click here to send us a quick message and we can get back to you on a pick up option based on where you live.

To donate money, click here to find out how to proceed. We issue PayPal receipts for all monetary donations, for your peace of mind.

Become a business sponsor

Help sponsor a local school/class, or community group who is financially poor. We believe this is one of the most rewarding things you can do if you’re in a position to help. While the amount may seem small to you, money can go a lot further in developing countries; and can make a difference a huge difference in many of the children’s lives. Speak to us about becoming a Vanuatu business sponsor – it will ultimately help a kid who is poor financially and give them the head start in life they need.