Progress/ Updates

Solway Kinder Library Project - October 2023

This project was created for a Kinder with very limited resources. We were able to build them portable book shelfs, we filled them with 200 new picture and story book. We also provided educational resources for the pikinini's to help stimulate their minds. Thank to the local Progress Pikinini team in getting this project completed. One very happy kinder with over 40 pikinini's benefiting!


Solway Kinder playground  Project - November 2021

This was a fun project, building playground equipment for Solway Kinder. Due to COVID and many members for the team unable to travel, we employed a local builder to design and build 2 double swing sets and a sandbox. This now gave the pikinini's somewhere to play during break times. Thank again team for getting this project done.

40 Foot Container of School Supplies - March 2020

In March 2020, our 5th container of school supplies arrived. Even though the world was going into lockdown due to COVID, we managed to get the container emptied and supplies going to those that needed it the most.; During distribution, we can have up to 20 volunteers a day. We have trasport going in all directions and boasts taking boxes to many of the out Islands. Thank you to the team that worked tirelessly to get this done. Unfortunately for the Australian members helping, we had to get home before Vanuatu shut their border.

Moso Island Playground - 15th Feb 2020

The team were excited to get this project underway. At the kinder on Moso Island, they had an old unsafe fort to play on. The Progress Pikinini along with volunteers from Moso, were able to refurbish the fort and added a slide and sensory play to it. We also build a four swing structure and put a spider swing into the tree. The look on the children's faces tell us it was a success!


Award Winner - 7th April 2019

Our very own Director/Founder Tracey Farnsworth was nominated for the Rotary Shine On Recognition 2018-19 award. The Shine On Recognition awards recognise and acknowledges service to the community by people with disabilities.Tracey was received a Highly Commended Award for her community Service.. Congratulations Tracey!